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£84.95 Best Seller 600w LUMii BLACK Dimmable Digital Ballast Grow Light kit HPS Dual Spectrum Bulb

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Lumii digital, dimmable lighting kit for an incredible price! The LUMii Black Digital Dimmable 600 Watt Lighting Kit gives you all the features of high end hardware for a fraction of the price. With the ability to swap between 250w, 400w, 600w and a boost setting which increases output by 5-10%, you can suit every situation and get the most out of your lamp and reflector The LUMii DIGITA ballast is a fully electronic ballast. This technology is micro-processor controlled and works at higher frequency (hertz) than the standard magnetic ballast meaning more light gets to your plants. It is also more efficient meaning more output per watt of energy consumed. 4 dimmer settings (250W, 400W, 600W & 660W output) Super lumen (boost) setting – 10% more power Easy to use – simple dimming switch – plug and play No heat problems – cool to run + thermal protection No noise – it’s operates silently – no humming, no buzzing Prolong the life of lamps – soft-start technology Energy saving Output doesn’t degrade with age Long life + 2 year warranty RF shielded – won’t interfere with your radio frequency Durable shell + graduated fin design to prevent heat problems Works with any 600W lamp & IEC connection reflector This LUMii Black Digital kit comes with an open ended and highly polished dimpled reflector along with a LUMii 600w Electronic Ballast, 600w LUMii HPS Black Lamp and LUMii Rope Ratchets.Lumii Black – Digital Dimmable 600w Hps Hydroponic Lighting Kit

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